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Welcome to JUST TAI CHI PRODUCTIONS, featuring taijiquan for health and well-being in Orange County, California.

Chief instructor JoAnna Gee Schoon offers demonstrations, lectures, classes, workshops, and private instruction in Dayan Qigong (pronounced chee gong) and taijiquan (pronounced tie-jee-chwahn) traditional long form, short form, push hands, two-person sparring set (Yang style), taiji sabre or "dao" (Yang style), and Shaolin staff.
Taijiquan, also known simply as "Tai Chi,"
is the ancient Chinese system of exercise, wellness, meditation, martial art and philosophy. It has been gaining popularity in western countries, including the United States, as a gentle but effective means of staying healthy and fit. Those who practice taiji find it relaxing, yet invigorating. The slow, graceful movements are easy on the body and less prone to cause physical injury. Almost anyone can learn and practice taiji, regardless of physical condition.

Beneficial to one's overall health and well being,
taijiquan promotes relaxation and release of tension. It improves balance and coordination, and lowers high blood pressure. taiji strengthens the internal organs, improves circulation, and increases suppleness of the muscles and sinews. It encourages "qi," or vital energy, to flow through the body's meridians (energy channels) which is essential to maintaining health. According to traditional Chinese medicine, disease and sickness arise when the qi is blocked or stagnates in the body's meridians or energy channels. taiji reduces stress responses, lowering the incidence of anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Taiji boosts the immune system and minimizes the effects of chronic conditions such as allergies and asthma. Recent clinical studies at Emory University in Atlanta and Northwestern University in Chicago attest to the many health benefits of regular taiji practice--improving balance, lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of multiple falls--all of particular importance in the older population. Other studies have shown that regular taiji practice delays the decline of cardiorespiratory function with aging.
Taijiquan is sometimes described as a moving meditation.
The practitioner attains a tranquil, meditative state of awareness. A mind-body discipline, taiji integrates the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the practitioner. Since tension in the body and distraction in the mind both interfere with the flow of qi, the fundamentals of taiji are simply learning to relax the body and calm the mind. The taiji practitioner then learns to use the mind to direct intention. Qi follows intention, and the physical body follows the qi. To move without intent, is to move without meaning. In fact, each movement in taiji has a purpose, a use. Having its roots in the martial arts, taijiquan is a series of slowly executed blocks, strikes, and kicks which are performed with softness and effortless fluidity. Taijiquan is an internal martial art. Unlike the external or "hard" style martial arts, taiji relies on the power of the mind to direct both intention and energy. The principles of listening, sticking, yielding and neutralizing are paramount to taiji's martial techniques. Instead of meeting force with force, taiji philosophy is to seek harmony and resolve conflict through balance yin and yang elements.

Yin and yang are the components of all phenomena,
according to Taoist philosophy. Although opposing in nature, yin and yang coexist as complementary parts of the whole. taiji seeks to maintain a constantly changing balance of yin and yang elements. The movements of taiji exemplify this dynamic interplay of yin and yang. Yin is found in stillness and contraction, while yang is found in motion and expansion. The taiji practitioner tries to keep these opposing forces in equilibrium, while moving through continuous change embodied in the movements. The advanced practitioner learns to apply this philosophy through all facets of life, through all interactions and changes.


"The Universal Post form of standing meditation is a high-level style of internal martial arts. The practitioner feels its effect on a bio-energetic level. The body's blood and qi transform internally when we practice standing meditation.

From start to finish, avoid using muscular effort. The body must rest in a natural state, and the mind expands to contain the entire universe. Focus the mind's attention on the dantien, but not too rigidly.

When one practices this way for a long time, daily effort will surely bring results as one's skill matures. One will advance to a state of being where energy is refined and transformed."

---Master Y.C. Chiang

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